Profit Enhancement Program

Our Profit Enhancement Program is an extremely interactive service that we provide to business owners who want to get the most out of their businesses.

Working closely with business owners and key management team members, we at Kasper Accountancy Corporation can help you to:

  • Identify the key opportunities for profit improvement within your business.
  • Calculate the profit improvement potential of your business.
  • Identify what needs to be done to achieve the profit improvement
  • Establish a system for the on-going monitoring of performance in relation to the above.

The way we go about this process is:

  • Gather industry and other available data on similar businesses and prepare a Business Comparison analysis.
  • Prepare a 5 year financial ratio analysis.
  • Review your business operations.
  • Identify specific “key performance indicators” for your business…..i.e. labor productivity, inventory, sales, pricing, cost control, current asset management.
  • Prepare a break-even analysis and annual (by month) profit plan and cash flow.
  • Facilitate a one day planning session to bring focus to your business, definition to your strategy and develop your unique plan of action.
  • Provide monthly and quarterly monitoring and reporting services to help your business keep on track and achieve your profit goals.

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